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At Homeworks Concierge we provide each client with a customized program to deliver the highest quality service for their residence. We take no fees or commissions from third party providers and act solely as agents for our clients. As a trusted resource to insure the proper care and maintenance of luxury properties and estates, all of our associates are insured and bonded. We are available 24/7 for emergency service. 

Concierge Services:

We have designed this unique service to ensure timely maintenance and repair of home and property so that few emergencies will arise and the residence will remain in  optimal condition. We pride ourselves on developing with each owner the right plan for their home which can incorporate lifestyle providers for discerning homeowner needs. We have sourced, vetted and referenced more than 300 licensed and insured service providers in our area and can put together a program that meets our client's needs. We work with our clients existing vendors, or if needed we can provide alternate options and source additional proposals if requested.


This component of our service is designed around the second home or the security of the unoccupied residence. It deals with alarm security and repairs on an emergency basis. It does not include scheduled maintenance or improvement projects. On a weekly/bi-weekly or monthly basis, an insured and bonded Concierge staff member will inspect the house and property. We can also check properties after each significant weather event. A Homeworks Concierge staff member will also serve as primary backup for alarm security systems and if requested can respond to these calls on a 24/7 basis. 

Seasonal Homewatch:

Designed for clients who spend extended periods of time away from their Fairfield or Westchester County residence. 

Estate Management Services:

Working with conservators, we develop a customized plan for each residence. This will incorporate aspects from our Homewatch and Concierge services but will also include other activities such as cleaning out the residence, videotaping and cataloging of contents which are important components of the fiduciary process.