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Homeworks Concierge is a luxury property management company that coordinates services for the care and maintenance of fine homes and estates. Our clients desire discreet quality service that gives them more time to enjoy their lifestyle. Many of our clients own multiple homes and are often not in residence for significant periods of time. They might want regular site visits to their property, as well as concierge services for maintenance and repair activities. We also serve families with two working spouses, as well as homeowners who value having more time to spend on non-household chores. These clients tend to be interested in our concierge services. Finally, we work with conservators of estates to incorporate aspects of our services, along with additional activities required in the exercise of fiduciary responsibilities.  We act solely as agents on behalf of our clients, accepting no fees or payments from service providers or other third party sources. This enables us to recommend the best quality and value providers for our customers. 


Services can be bought separately or bundled together. A senior member of the Homeworks Concierge team develops with each homeowner a customized program to meet the specific needs of the homeowner.  


We work only with clients who subscribe to our service for six months at a time. This enables our staff to be knowledgeable about each property we care for. Every Homeworks Concierge on-site associate is insured and bonded. We have also performed due diligence on all vendors through review of all public data sources, including the Better Business Bureau, as well as customer references. For any project we will provide each client with three bids from qualified vendors, who will have requisite licenses and appropriate insurance to do their work.


We understand the requirements for maintaining a luxury property and the amount of work it takes to source, arrange, and coordinate all the projects that need to be done. We also know that this takes a lot of time and energy. By using Homeworks Concierge, you can have a trusted partner to handle all the details.  You can also free-up more time by using on-site services.  We make it easy for you too, so you have more time to do the things you enjoy.